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Real County Public Library Leakey

Library Opens Under Phase One

Teen Help Needed

We are looking for new members of our Teen Advisory Group to help with book selection and in developing some teen programs for the library.  If you are interested please call Eileen Bell M-W at the library 830-232-5199.

Update:   We are adding more titles to to the Young Adult section as money becomes available.  We are also happy to take your donations of Young Adult titles in good condition.  If you have any additional requests drop a line to the main library email.

Homework Help

Start here for your online research and homework help!

An extensive collection of Web sites that can help you with a wide range of subjects you may be researching for school assignments.

Books for Fun

Teen Jobs

Check out this website for information on finding and getting a job as a teen and all the ins and outs of searching, applying and interviewing for a job.


There are many sites available to help teens search for scholarships.  Be sure to check directly with the College, University or School where you wish to study. Check locally with philanthropic groups such as the Lion's Club, American Legion, churches, and non-profits.

You might also want to check out this website which links you to many sources.